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1. The Star Wars Kid – Original Version Some Fat Canadian school kid known only as `Gyslain` goofing off Star Wars style in front of a camera in his media studies department when no one was around.
2. The Star Wars Kid – Drunken Jedi Master ! After his mates got hold of the vid and uploaded it to the net, someone with some cool video production package added special FX ! did the rounds on the net in the last few years, has been seen by millions of people!
3.Yoda A special message from Yoda
4. South Park - Uncle Fucker 'Shut your fucking face, uncle fucker !!'
5. South Park - Kyle's Mum's A Bitch 'I'm pretty sick and tired of him calling my mum a b......' 'WELL..............'
6. Tomb Raider - Tit Wank Animation Lara on the job
7. Black Adder – The Cavelier years Long lost episode of Black Adder set in 1648, the time of The Caveliers and Roundheads, made around the time of Black Adder the Third ( 1988 ). Bloody funny !
8. South Park Classics – Series 5 Episode 3
Cripple Fight – Whole episode, features a side splitting scene between Jimmy and Timmy. It was inspired by another scene in the film called `They Live`.
9. South Park Classics – Series 6 Episode 13 The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers – Lord of the Rings inspired episode where Leopold `Butters` Scotch discovers `The Precious`, absolutely spiggin` hilarious !

10. South Park Classics – Series 8 Episode 7

The Jeffersons – Episode inspired by Michal Jackson wierd lifestyle. Risky but funny !